Ethics of Mixed Reality Entertainment

ICEC 2024- WS 6

Manaus, Brazil, 30th September 2024

This workshop explores the challenges and opportunities associated with the ethical implications of interactive locative entertainment services, games, and social media. We will expand HCI situational ethics into locative media and augmented and mixed reality technologies. 

The outcome of the workshop contributes to an ongoing ethical framework to inform the design to avoid unintended consequences that these digital technologies generate (i.e., from anti-social behavior to dark tourism) and resolving legal questions about the duty of care of designers and the rights of creative stakeholders (artists and writers). Starting from the ethical responsibilities of place and people, we will explore how ethical frameworks can avoid physical trespass, respect cultural norms and heritage, safe passage, respect for social and psychological norms, and awareness of values embedded in narratives.

Submission (not mandatory)

Researchers and practitioners working with interactive locative entertainment services, games, and social media are invited to participate in this workshop, sharing their ideas, case studies, and experiences. Participants will be asked to submit an optional position paper (between 2- and 5 pages) on their ideas on a practical game, social media, or entertainment experience that has the potential for discussion of Ethics and Ethical implications of Mixed Reality Entertainment. The workshop organizers will assess materials, and all accepted position papers will be made available on the workshop website at the LoGaCulture website (

Participants are also welcome to attend without submitting a position paper, in which case we kindly request that you email a short bio and a one-paragraph description of your interest in the workshop.


After an ice-breaking round of presentations, participants will work by themselves or in groups to tackle the creative challenge of developing or playing a paper prototype of MR gaming ideas that challenge ethical issues and opportunities. At the end of the session, the participants will document and present their artifacts and discuss them in a plenary session. The documentation of the workshop and artifacts will be archived on the workshop website, which is part of the LoGaCulture EU-funded project

Further iterations of the workshop will build on these initial efforts with possibilities to participate in future editions and potential journal special issues. Participants can keep track of the Ethics of MR gaming progress at

Important Dates 

Deadlines for expression of interest to accommodate attendants.

  • Early expression of interest: 25th of July
  • Late expression of interest: 25th of August

For any questions contact us at: icec2024(a)